Sometimes, you just need to let someone know that they are strong, brave or simply that they are enough.  Times are strange, difficult and a challenge for us all at the moment and it's often the little things which keep us going. 
Wish bracelets make fantastic party favours, gifts or just because.  If you would like to order several of the same design, please drop me a message.
This is a wish bracelet with a small heart charm (as per image). Thread is 100% lightly waxed hemp.  
Card will be as shown in the main picture, the charm will usually be the heart on black thread, but if you have a specific request, please let me know at checkout.
Tie the wish bracelet on your wrist (allow a little room for it to shrink when wet) and make a wish. 
In 2-3 weeks the thread will wear through and when it does snap, that is when your wish can come true!
Add your choice of bracelet colour in the personalisation details at checkout.  If no message is sent, a heart charm on black thread will be sent.

Positivity Wish Bracelet, You are Strong, You are Brave, You are Enough

  • All wish bracelets are hand made to order, so can have a wide variety of thread colours and charms.  If not specified, the standard thread colour is black and the standard charm is a heart (or a moon & star for marauders bracelets). 

    All wish bracelets are available with a discount on multiple items, please enquire for more information if it's not detailed on the listing.