* Hand-decorated party bag
* Hand-made wish bracelet
* Sweets, bubbles, colouring book & pencils 
Our items are all made with the minimum plastic possible, we are trying to help parents reduce the amount of plastic given away in party bags.  We are looking into ways to reduce the plastic with the sweets but currently this is the most hygienic way to handle them.
*Please let us know at checkout if your party date is less than a week away so we can make sure your items are with you in good time.
These hand decorated party bags are ideal for party goers who love bright lovely pineapples.  Confirm at checkout if you would like a selection of wish bracelets or a personalised wish bracelet making.
Bags can be a variety of colours or all one colour depending on your preference.
All items are hand made and therefore each item can vary slightly, however we do not sell anything we would not be happy to receive.
The party bags are put together with the least amount of plastic and as much recyclable packaging as possible to ensure our environmental impact is low, while our enjoyment factor is still high!

Pineapple Filled Party Bag