*Hand carved wooden wands

*Ready to send

*Wands are approximately 24cm long.


These wands are inspired by the quirky and unique witch, Luna Lovegood.  We love all things Luna as she's a real individual, not afraid to stand away from the crowd. 


Please let us know at checkout if you need the wand by a certain date so we can make sure your items are with you in good time.


Wands take around 4 days to make depending on the design and current workload.


These hand made wands are ideal for witches & wizards who love all things magical and want a unique item.


Each wand comes in a hand decorated box. All items are hand made and therefore will not look like mass produced wands, however we do not sell anything we would not be happy to receive. If you require a bespoke wand made to your specifications drop me a message.

Handmade Wooden Wand - 24cm long inspired by Luna Lovegood's wands