Friends, the TV show made a real comeback over lockdown with the reunion show being watched by millions around the world - and it didn't disappoint. 

Many of us who enjoyed Friends the first time round, are now finding that our kids are enjoying it just as much!  

This is a wish bracelet with a small charm. 
Thread is 100% lightly waxed hemp. 
Card will be as shown in the main picture, the charm will usually be the heart on black thread, but if you have a specific request, please let me know at checkout. 

Tie the wish bracelet on your wrist (allow a little room for it to shrink when wet) and make a wish. 

In 2-3 weeks the thread will wear through and when it does snap, that is when your wish can come true! 

Friends Wish Bracelet - They don't know...

PriceFrom £2.50
  • All wish bracelets are hand made to order, so can have a wide variety of thread colours and charms.  If not specified, the standard thread colour is black and the standard charm is a heart (or a moon & star for marauders bracelets). 

    All wish bracelets are available with a discount on multiple items, please enquire for more information if it's not detailed on the listing.