How did Nickersnoodle get started?

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Four years ago, my daughter asked for a Harry Potter birthday party. Not one to do these things by halves, and generally easily over excited by things, I jumped in with both feet. I created golden snitches from Ferrero Roche, bought plant pots and mini-trolls to bake my own mandrakes popping out of chocolate cake soil and even commissioned a full-size pin the sock on Dobby. It was so much fun thinking up ideas and putting them in action, and when it came to the party bags, I had a blast.

My struggle came when I found that to buy wands online was going to cost me as much as the rest of the party. There was nothing available for under £15 and with 8 guests plus four of my own children to keep happy, I wasn’t able to add wands to my list. This was going to be the only failure of my amazing Harry Potter party. Then to the rescue came my amazing husband, who whipped up a dozen Harry Potter wands with a skill that Ollivander himself would be proud, and maybe a little jealous of!

Come the day of the party and the guests were all suitably impressed with the lengths I had gone to, but as is always the way with these things, they were most impressed by their wands. The four which chose our children (the wand chooses the wizard, of course) are still going strong today, and I’m happy to report that despite my initial fears, everyone still has all of their eyes too!

So, thus started a true kitchen table business, making wands became a labour of love for Drew and after some encouragement, we listed them on eBay and were pleasantly surprised when they simply sold, and sold and sold!

The rest of this venture has grown from the original idea as I love making up Party Bags and trying to come up with more daft ideas that might put a smile on someone's head, so take a look and see what you think.

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