The magic behind the wands...

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

The wand making process here at Nickersnoodle may not include unicorn hairs or phoenix feathers but it is pretty magical all the same.

Each wand is carefully measured and cut to size, the wands are all the same length so if they are used for a party, they are all similar enough for no one to feel like they got the runt of the litter!

Then the wands are hand carved, to give them character.  This is done one by one and usually in small batches of half a dozen or so.

The wands are then sanded by hand to remove any rough edges and checked over to ensure no splinters, or over zealous carving has left them rough or unsuitable.

Once they are sanded, the wands are then decorated, this is when the magic takes shape as the different styles of wand come to light at this point and occasionally a new design is born!

Next they are individually sprayed or painted, all by hand. They are given 12-24 hours drying time and then receive a second coat. We don't want any little witches or wizards scraping the colour off their wands!

Once completely dry, they are then given a top coat of spray varnish.  This too is allowed to dry fully before they are sent out.

Our wands are hand made with huge care and attention to every part of the process and we take every care to make sure the wands are perfect for you to enjoy.

Due to the ingredients in the spray paint & varnish top coat, they are unsuitable for very young children, or anyone who might suck or chew on them. However they are robust and the original four which were made for our children are still going strong and only showing minor signs of wear and tear several years down the track.

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