Missing someone?

At the time of writing, most of the world is in lockdown. This is a strange and unprecedented time, we simply have not experienced these social distancing measures before.

Many people are separated from friends & family members that they see regularly, even if they are not too worried about their health, simply being apart from the people we love has a massive effect on our mental health.

One of the simplest things we can do to feel better, is to send a little something through the post. We are so fortunate that Royal Mail have carried on delivering, albeit a little slower in some cases.

To this end, I created my 'hug for your wrist' wish bracelets. They are a simple concept, with a wish bracelet and a card that reads: Tie this around your wrist and wish we can be together soon. When the string breaks we will be closer than ever before to seeing each other again.

I offer a direct postal service, sending this bracelet directly with a short personal note of your choosing.

This has proved amazingly popular, and why not. They are so simple, affordable and say what it is we need to tell each other at the moment.


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