What is a wish bracelet?

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

So, what is a wish bracelet?

It's a simple concept really, you tie a piece of cord around your wrist with a small charm attached.  When you (or someone else) ties it on, you make a wish and in a few weeks, or months, when the cord wears through and breaks, that's when your wish can come true.

Does it work? 

Well of course Harry Potter & Fairies aside, we sometimes struggle for magic in this world, but the power of positive thinking, of setting a goal and keeping it in mind every day is quite commonplace now.

If you make your wish, you are investing in the concept and every time you see that bracelet, you are thinking consciously or otherwise of that goal.

So if it's magic or if it's positive thinking or if it's codswallop and you just like the look of it, it doesn't really matter, it's worth a go if you ask me!

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