3 Quick Teenage Party Ideas

It can be really difficult to plan a party for younger teenagers. They maybe don't want you too close, but you don't want them too far away either.

They want to be more adult, but they're just not quite there yet!

These ideas should help you to get the seal of approval from even the most critical teens!

1. Escape Room

You can pay for entry to an escape room for a group or create some activities on a budget that will create an exciting & fun atmosphere. Google escape room ideas and set some challenges if you're keen.

2. Netflix & Chill

Don't underestimate the simple plan. Order pizza, provide tonnes of popcorn & chocolate, cover the front room in cushions and duvets and give full permission for a season long binge of Stranger Things, Brooklyn 99, or Friends.

3. Dinner with Friends (with Cooking Class)

In the spirit of being a mini grown up, having a meal out with friends, especially if all grown ups can retreat to another part of the restaurant, can go down really well. Depending on your budget & group size, you could pair this up with a cooking class before hand!

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